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Trainwreck is known for its very high potency, leading to intense mental highs. It leads to some strong euphoric feelings, when it comes to marijuana. This strain is said to “hit you like a freight train,” hence, the clever name, Buy Trainwreck Kush Online Chicago.

Trainwreck is a hybrid strain that is very high in THC levels. It is said to have been created in Northern California by crossing Mexican and Thai sativa strains with Afghani Indica. It is about 65% sativa and 35% indica, so it won’t create too much drowsiness.

Most users of the Trainwreck strain say that it’s not a great one for any type of work or super serious environment, due to its high potency. But, if you have a day or night off that you know you can get as stoned as you want, then this is the strain for you.

The initial effects of Trainwrech are energetic with an uplifting euphoric feeling. This is followed by a heavier body high that induces relaxation and thoughtful introspection. It is also said to lead to sleepiness after this. Many people love this strain as a nightcap before bed time – a great way to wind down after a stressful day.

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This strain is so strong that people report light psychoactive effects…needless to say mind bending sensations with the potential to lose track of time. Medical marijuana users know this can happen with stronger strains, but it’s safe enough to use if you like to get high. Users do not report being unaware of their body or being out of control – just a nice intense high when you are looking for one.

The THC content of Trainwreck can vary between 18% to 26%. These are quite high levels of THC. Trainwreck is often referred to as one of the strongest strains on the market. It is a favorite of many users who say its quality and potency is unmatched with the perfect euphoric high that is mood enhancing yet relaxing at the same time.

Here is a great list of the stand-out effects of the Trainwreck strain:

  • Euphoric
  • Uplifted
  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Creative
  • Thoughtful

Trainwreck Aroma Flavor and Appearance

Trainwreck has its own unique flavor and appearance. Those who love Trainwreck can tell the strain easily by its appearance, flavor, or aroma. It has distinctive qualities in all three categories. Let’s cover these aspects of the amazing Trainwreck strain:

  • Aroma: Trainwreck buds have bold scents of lemon and lime as soon as it hits your nostrils. This aroma will fill the room you’re in and linger for a while. The aroma after smoking is equally as strong and might linger for a while. Underneath the bold citrusy flavors, you can smell a hint of spiciness or even a peppery tang that gives this sativa dominant hybrid a very unique odor that users simply love and crave.
  • Flavor: The Trainwreck marijuana strain has an earthy flavor with notes of piney indica flavors and lemony sativa ones. Just as with the scent of the buds, the taste when smoked kicks you with a peppery zing that is intense for the taste buds. Users rant about the strong but pleasant flavor of Trainwreck.
  • Appearance: Trainwreck has dense, neon green nugs that are often covered in mass amounts of frosty trichomes. It has hints of orange and brassy hues with red hairs on the buds. These tiny bits of resin almost sparkle and glimmer when the light hits the buds just right. These trichomes are a visible testament to the potency of this hybrid strain.

Trainwreck Kush for Sale Online Chicago 

It is said that this is an easy strain to grow. Trainwreck is not extremely hard to find, and it is a hardy plant that can handle various growing conditions. Trainwreck plants can grow tall, and we mean tall. In fact, they can grow up to 6 feet tall. They have a quick grow time and provide large and healthy yields, if grown properly, Buy Trainwreck Kush Online Chicago

Those who have grown this strain say that it can tend to be less for beginners and more for intermediate growers. It would be a shame to put such a great and high quality strain to waste with a failed crop yield. You want to make sure conditions are just right, but once you have that down, it shouldn’t be too difficult to grow great Trainwreck.

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5 reviews for Trainwreck Kush

  1. 5 out of 5

    Chugga-chugga-choo-chooAWFUCK! ho-LY shit — it’s a TRAINWRECK! You’d think a strain named Trainwreck would leave your broken body sprawled out by the tracks while confused NTSB investigators poked at your corpse, but not this stuff: this Trainwreck wants to kill you with kindness. And it is SO kind. We’re talking Uncle John’s Band kind. From the first limey hit, Trainwreck wraps its arms around you like your old Nana and whispers that everything is going to be ok. Then it leaves you alone for a couple of minutes before sneaking up and lifting you gently to cruising altitude. From there, it’s like being seated on the world’s most comfortable couch at 20,000 feet — for about two hours. The high won’t leave you glued to your chair, nor will it make you get up and dance: this is sitting by the river listening to Tame Impala with your friends kinda weed. This is good times, big smiles and warm days. This is dancing to the Dead and getting a hug from a pretty girl (or boy — whatever your wont!). Why they called this stuff Trainwreck is beyond me; I guess “Just Good Cannabis” didn’t have the same impact. Maybe “Thomas the Dank Engine”? Shit, that’s already taken. Anyway, smoke some of this shit and you’ll feel good. The end.

  2. 5 out of 5

    I am 41, and someone who smokes regularly (several times a day) & this is my favorite flower. It TRULY helps w/ chronic pain, & helps your mentality. I have a rare disease that makes me hafta take lots o meds (Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Diladid, & various muscle relaxers) & am confined (when I go out) to a wheel chair. This stuff not only is a great, “break-through” pain reliever, when all my pain meds fail me, but also helps lift my spirits better than any other flower I’ve tried (and thats ALOT, LOL!) and also settles me down when I need to go out in public (all the meds make me “trippy”). Hope this helps someone to at least give it a try. 🙂

  3. 5 out of 5

    Trainwreck welcomed me back to the world of marijuana! I had “party smoked” junior high school through college until the mid-90’s when I graduated and got jobs that randomly drug tested….government jobs…I am watching you. LOL. Just local small town Planning and Community Development jobs. Up to the point I quit smoking for employment reasons, I smoked whatever came to me. Sometimes good, sometimes bleck. Never bothered with strain info. Now, fast forward to the mid-00’s and my eventual defeat by my lifelong chronic depression. When I say defeat, I mean government disability due to “chronic non-medical responsive depression”. Basically, I lost my wife at 36yrs old and couldn’t function enough to hold a job and was failing to help my son through his grief. The loss of anything keeping me ok fell apart. I even allowed myself to do shock treatment to kick my depression. Didn’t work. Only humilitation from the stigma. Suicide was always lurking in the shadows….THEN….my sister had some weed 2 xmas’ ago and couldn’t fly with it so I decided to get high after all this time. Trainwreck was it’s name and it gave me a fighting chance to push the depression to at least arms length. I had no idea you could breed specific strains to help with specific ailments. It gave me that needed space to shake free from my depression and actually say “I’m ok.” I cried and cried and cried. I had finally found the thing that could help me in my fights with depression. I am in a non-medical state and have to search real hard to get Trainwreck or a similar sativa dominant hybrid that helps the most. But I won’t let that stop me. Thank you Trainwreck. You’ll never know how much you helped me change my life.

  4. 4 out of 5

    A friend and I smoked this recently and I can say that it’s been one of my greatest highs to date. It burns quickly and well compared to most, and got us feeling good within a small amount of time. This strain made me feel very euphoric; everything felt great and there was a considerable distortion of time with this one. Though the high lasts a long time, it wore down after awhile and I became sleepy quite quickly. Recommended for insomniacs or anyone who wants a euphoric high.

  5. 5 out of 5

    With a taste almost like dusty pine needles and aromatics reminiscent of a skunk den in an old pine stump, the Trainwreck high comes like a thief in the night and hits like a sledgehammer to the head. I felt my face getting intoxicated mere seconds after my first hit and I’ve got a wonderful sativa-y headspace minutes after my smoke session. This strain absolutely cuts down depression and stress while providing the energy and motivation to go out and do something/get things done. The buds are a healthy shade of light green and look like they just came out of Siberia due to the overwhelming amount of trichomes. Trainwreck has always been one of my favorites and is highly recommended for socializing, parties, or outdoor recreation (motherfucking hiking this summer yo)b

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