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Nothing hits quite like a heaping bowl of Mac and Cheese. This Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC) cross from Capulator really brings the funk. Based off the successful MAC, Capulator added a strong cheese cross, Alien Cheese, that really creates a bouquet of odd flavors and effects that combine to make one sensational strain. If you’re looking for something just a little different than the more popular strains of today, try Mac and Cheese, Buy Mac and Cheese Kush Online Chicago.

Mac and Cheese is saturated in indica genetics, with a slight sativa influence. In the indoor garden, expect a small to medium sized bush that grows strong and stout.  The buds get tight and dense, making this a medium/high producer in terms of yield. Overall, it takes about 60 days to finish flowering. Mac and Cheese make a good production strain and quite a few dispensaries have picked it up.

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At first look, the bud appears just completely coated in large, bulbous trichomes that burst out like sugar crystals when breaking up a bud. Behind this white crust, lays the deep greens and occasional purple hues you would expect from an indica. The aroma while crumbling a nugget is that of sour cream and fruit, it’s sharp, tickles the nose and lifts an eyebrow. It really does have a creamy like quality to the smell just a little different from the norm.

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Mac and Cheese have gained a reputation over the years for its almost debilitating high. This is great if you’re taking a self-care day at home and not getting off the couch. But this is one of those strains that just hits so hard that social interactions can be a little tough and trying to focus on a task is going to be a chore,Buy Mac and Cheese Kush Online Chicago.

If you are looking for the quintessential indica high, grab some Mac and Cheese. Pack up your favorite bowl, plop your butt in front of the tube, and take a break. Mac and Cheese provide something a little exotic in terms of flavors and makes a welcome change to the typical. Seeds are available at most reputable seed dealers and flower and concentrates of this strain are available at select dispensaries.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mac N Cheese

What is Mac N Cheese?
Mac N Cheese is a pungent and skunky cannabis strain that offers users a euphoric and blissful experience.
What does Mac N Cheese mean?
Mac N Cheese received its name from its parents, The MAC and Alien Cheese.
Where does Mac N Cheese come from?
Mac N Cheese was bred by crossing the two strains Alien Cheese and the MAC.
What does Mac N Cheese smell like?
When you open up a Mac N Cheese package, you’ll be greeted with a pungent and sour skunky aroma.
What does Mac N Cheese taste like?
The flavor of Mac N Cheese is sharp, sour, and skunky.
What color does Mac N Cheese have?
When properly cultivated, Mac N Cheese produces golden-green buds that are covered in glistening trichomes.
What effects does Mac N Cheese have?
Users have reviewed Mac N Cheese to be an uplifting and euphoric high that allows the body to relax as stress and anxiety dissipate.
Is Mac N Cheese an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?
The Mac N Cheese strain is an Indica leaning hybrid.

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5 reviews for Mac and Cheese

  1. 5 out of 5

    Strange name, great high. There is nothing quite like a big fat bowl of Mac and Cheese. Maybe a big fat bowl of Mac and Cheese with a big fat bowl of Mac and Cheese. If I need to decompress, relax, sit back and throw some peace signs, this is the pick. A tasty smoke and a tasty buzz (fast times reference). Smoke responsibly my friends. Note that varying strains effect people differently, so you may experience it differently than I did. I hope you get the same experience that I did.

  2. 5 out of 5

    This is a good strain for everyday fun. It definitely leans more sativa but a happy relaxed sativa. Something you could go to class high on but still be functional and happy/euphoric 👌 to me it tatse very spicy and kinda woodsy, very stinky. For me it improved anxiety, period pain, and overall mood.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Fire!!!! The smell is amazing!! What a calming ad uplifting effect. Anything cheese is great

  4. 4 out of 5

    Made me focused & chill, but the head high came first and came on strong. I was focused enough to get the kitchen done, and to do some work, but chill enough to not stress OVER cleaning the kitchen or getting work done. Smell and taste were fantastic, but I prefer it in cartridge form! The flower made me cough a LOT!

  5. 5 out of 5

    MAC N Cheese is one of the strains most similar to common ADHD stimulant drugs, obviously sans all the horrible side effects that those drugs have. I just about 5 5 second draws on my cart by Strane and I feel energized, motivated, alert, and calm. I highly recommend purchasing this if you find it even if you are an Indica person because this comes in handy when you need to get sh*t done. It is excellent weed for people on the go and despite being a hybrid leans strongly sativa.

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