Flowerbomb Kush


Flowerbomb Kush


This is an easy growing plant that provides a pretty good yield to the growers. Don’t expect the yield to be as high as what we’ve seen above in the Pineapple Haze strain, but nonetheless it won’t be too low either. This is also a strain that grows well under hydroponic methods of growth.

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Sativa-dominant strain

  • Up to 19% THC levels
  • Takes about 8 weeks to flower

If you’re looking for a strain of marijuana that grows rather quickly and gives you the results as soon as possible this is the strain you should opt for. Resulting from a cross between OG Kush and Green Crack, the Flowerbomb Kush strain provides you with a sativa-dominant strain of marijuana that is both fast to grow, as well as carries a good amount of THC content. To top it all off, Flowerbomb Kush is also one of the easiest strains to grow – making it beginner friendly.

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This is a strain that is meant for those stoners who love to relish a particular taste. It provides a very fresh and earthy, pine-like taste. The high that you get from this strain transports you to a happier place. It gives the stoners a mild buzz that boosts confidence as well as improves social interactions, while reducing stress and anxiety.

This strain can be good for an afternoon spent with friends or a productive day full of creative activities. Flowerbomb Kush may be used to regulate mood disorders, anxiety, and stress. The relaxing bodily effect can be used to treat some aches and pains. Some find the relaxation also helps them sleep. This hybrid tends to stimulate appetite,Buy Flowerbomb Kush Online Chicago.

The strain is good to grow indoors as well as outdoors. If you choose to grow it outdoors, make it grow at around the time that your flowers begin to emerge by October, as that is the ideal season to grow this strain outdoors. Indoor growers can grow it at any time, provided they provide sufficient bright lighting. Flowerbomb Kush is a strain that prefers a hot climate so ensure that temperatures of your grow room/grow tent are warm.

For the best flavor, this strain should be grown in soil, inside or out, but it can also do well in a hydroponics grow. Flowerbomb Kush plants have long side branches that can compete with the main cola and should be pruned often. This strain needs about eight weeks to finish flowering, after which growers may harvest up to 0.8 grams per watt indoors with 1000W HPS. Outdoors, this strain may produce a kilogram or more per plant.

FLAVOUR: (Burned): earthy, vegetal, fruity, sweet.

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4 reviews for Flowerbomb Kush

  1. 5 out of 5

    I love how this strain made me feel. I was really relaxed and kind of not motivated to do much after about 20 minutes of being high. Like every strain, whenever it hits me I am mostly energetic and hyper and jumping around. For most strains these feelings continue to flow throughout the high (the next few hours). With Flowerbomb Kush however, this is not exactly the case. An Indica high is quite different from a high from a sativa or a hybrid. I sat on the couch for most of the time just relaxing and enjoying my time with friends. I would smoke this whenever I want to just chill and relax and not do much but enjoy some time with my buddies.

  2. 5 out of 5

    one of my favorite strains ,citrus earthy typa taste with skunk when you exhale

  3. 5 out of 5

    You can definetly notice that this has some connection with Green Crack. A great strain to help people who have a tendency to overthink secondary to anxiety. Once smoked, it has a perfect balance of a sedative-like effect mixed with a mild/moderate cerebral buzz. It will have you laughing at everything and you will quickly forget what you were once stressing about prior to smoking. A great strain all around and lands in my top 3 favourite.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Wow. From the first bowl this strain instantly became my new #1. Super dense hybrid-like buds that are covered in trichromes.. The high hits you fast but the full effects don’t set in for a good 10-15 min, however they can last forever. Flowerbomb perfectly incorporates the genetics of it’s two parents, green crack and og kush. This is an all day everyday strain, perfect for anxiety and insomnia alike. Not for beginners!

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