Buying Vape Cartridges in USA

Buying Vape Cartridges in USA

Buying Vape Cartridges in USA


Buying Vape Cartridges in USA


Everything evolves over time, and it’s high time that cannabis culture upgraded its aesthetic. Every stoner knows what a traditional bong looks like (duh!) and how the mechanics of it work, but where are all the beautiful bongs?

Wouldn’t you rather have a bong that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional too?

Artists are finally applying their skills and creativity and giving you modern smokeware. Here are the prettiest bongs you can add to your collection.

Having a piece of art to display on your coffee table while you can also enjoy a convenient high when lounging about is the best of both worlds.

Every Paul Arnhold x Edie Parker Bong is one-of-a-kind. These unique candy-colored, 100 percent glass-blown bongs are exclusively created by the artist in his Brooklyn studio. When you light the bong, it gives you a lava lamp effect. Buying Vape Cartridges in USA

Sunset Bong by Yew Yew

Shopping for a bong that looks and hits like a dream? Then you need Yew Yew’s Sunset Bong. It’s made from thick borosilicate glass, so it’s pretty thermal shock-resistant and will last you a good while.

The Sunset beaker bong features a rounded mouthpiece for a smooth hit and a square base, so it feels sturdy in your hand. It’s available in six colors, from ocean and teal to pink and cow print.

Traditional bongs are very masculine in nature, but why should the ladies (and gents) opt for one of those when they can enjoy a more feminine, almost child-like bong? After all, a high can bring out the inner child in each of us.

SmokeDay’s Honey Bear Bong is a heavy, hand-carved water pipe with a high-gloss finish. The bong picks up surrounding colors, so yours will look unique wherever you place it in your home.

You also get a downstem and a bowl when you buy the Honey Bear Bong.

 The Stüdenglass Gravity Pipe

If you are tired of DYI-ing a gravity bong or want to try something new, the Stüdenglass Gravity Pipe is the bong for you. The chamber fills with smoke with the help of gravity, so it’s quite innovative (even though it’s an age-old smoking method).

The gravity bong is stunningly attractive and will be the focal point on your counter or coffee table. Plus, you don’t need to worry about water spillage as it’s contained in the two globes perched on the metal base.

The bong also pushes out the smoke for you, so there’s no shared mouthpiece—perfect for solo use or enjoying with your stoner buds.

Choose from the five styles and enjoy a potent high depending on how far you flip the unit over.

 Twister Bong

The Twister Bong is a Bodhi Glass piece in four color options and features a unique large bubble base so you can fill it with lots of water. This equals big and smooth rips.

The neckpiece is twisted (hence the name) and gets smaller closer to the mouthpiece. The bong has a built-in downstem and comes with a male herb bowl.

The best part  is that this Twister Bong can be converted into a dab rig, so you can smoke some flowers or a weed concentrate of your choice.

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